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CTM features and supports Seeds of Change – Connolly Tacon & Meserve, Attorneys At Law

CTM FEATURES AND SUPPORTS SEEDS OF CHANGE A small but highly successful project in Thurston County’s juvenile justice program involves teens (they are being sentenced for crimes) getting involved in a garden on site at the juvenile detention center. The garden has grown with participation of more teens and through the generosity of community donors. A notable net result is fewer teens needing to spend sentences in the detention center. “Graduates” of the program often return on their own time to continue their work. CTM has followed the progress of this project and has contributed funds and featured the garden in its annual holiday card. To learn more

CTM Pays Off Local School Lunch Debts – Connolly Tacon & Meserve, Attorneys At Law

CTM PAYS OFF LOCAL SCHOOL LUNCH DEBTS The cost of school lunches and the problem of what to do with the debt that districts often incur have become national concerns. Following a viral news story about a school district that sent the families of children behind on their school lunch debt to collections, the attorneys at CTM decided to be a part of the solution. In November of 2018, attorney Jonathan Sprouffske took time out of his day to reach out to three schools here in Thurston County to inquire about the status of school lunch debt. What he learned is that this is a problem without a simple solution. School boards don’t want needy families to face legal penalties and they don’t want children to go hungry simply because their families have fallen on hard times. School staff, volunteers, and even elected officials spend valuable time struggling to reach a decision about how best to address the issue. In an effort to reduce the burden for at least some Thurston County schools, Connolly Tacon and Meserve paid off the school lunch debt at McLane Elementary, LP Brown Elementary, and the entire Rainier School District. The gesture seemed simple, but the results were overwhelming. Everyone from parents to school lunch workers expressed their appreciation and KIRO 7 News decided to run a story about the donation. The link to that story is here: